curriculum vitae


the intersection of various collage techniques, figurative elements and the connection between text and language have characterized my works in recent years. some images can be seen as a snapshot, frozen inherently in time, others deal with basic issues of human existence, such as contemplation, mindfulness, or transience.

the colour selection of the pictures is intentionally reduced, reserved and harmonious. viewers are invited to sink into their own thoughts and in the best case come to a rest, thereby escape our fast-paced and often rushed world for a few brief moments.

1992: artist in residence naropa-institute, department of visual arts - boulder, colorado, us

1993-1995: successful studies at the academy of fine arts and design - bratislava, sk

1996: artist in residence at the university of houston, department of applied design and visual arts - houston texas, us

since 1998: work as a freelance artist (recognized in the list of the austrian federal ministry of art and culture)

based in vienna.



  • ‚art matters‘ - galerie donaustadt, wien, austria
  • ‚art³ galerie' – wien, austria

  • ‚arbeiten auf papier' – kleine galerie, wien, austria
  • ‚konsisten[z]wei' - xxpaint galerie–wien, austria
  • ‚each day this mind grows more, ...' - kleine galerie, wien, austria (solo exhibition)


  • ‚work in progress' –  modern politics, wien,austria
  • galerie im palais breuner – wien, austria        
  • blue lion space, wien, austria

  •, wien, austria


  • ‚that's new' – galerie station 3 – wien, austria

  • internat. biennale für buchkunst – horn, niederösterreich, austria 
  • kastiel mojmirovce – nitra, slowakei


  • ‚resultate'– palais clam-gallas, salle de bal, wien, austria
‚jahresaustellung der studenten der akademie' – palais palffy, bratislava, slowakei

  • galerie gut gasteil – niederösterreich,austria

  • university of houston – houston, texas, usa (solo exhibition)
museum für schriftkunst – salzburg, austria
vereinigung bildender künstler – salzburg, austria